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Another gameplay video showed up, this time combining Chainworm Kommando with Guncaster PB 555. Looking nice with all those HD textures and adding some nice brutal tone :)

Chainworm Kommando has been added to the Doomworld idgames archive! I feel incredibly honored :)

Just found another gameplay video, featuring the first two levels of Chainworm Kommando!

Check it out here:

SavageCasts started a Let's Play series about Chainworm Kommando! I feel really honored, thanks a lot! I love the intro by the way ;) So go check it out right here, there is also a lot more old school gameplay!

But that's not all, Duke SixtyFour also did a video, combining Chainworm Kommando with Brutal Doom 64. Although it seems to mess up some switche and animated graphics, it's still pretty fun. Check it out right here:

I splitted the about section, trivia to each map can be viewed seperately now!

Release trailer uploaded!

Website uploaded, Chainworm Kommando v1.0 released!